Galapagos Islands

The areas at the Galápagos can be divided into two areas: the South and the North. Flights from Ecuador arrive at two islands: Isla Baltra (just north of Santa Cruz) and Isla San Cristóbal. Most people go diving around the islands by liveaboards or by tours from the Southern Islands. If you want to travel unorganized and independently you can find facilities and accommodations on Santa Cruz, San Cristóbal, Floreana (Santa María) and Isla Isabela. You can travel between these places by boat or small aircraft.

The North Galápagos Islands consist of Wolf and the Darwin islands. Expect close encounters with various type of Sharks and Manta Rays. This is also the best place to see the giant Whale Sharks between April and November.

The most important islands of South Galapagos are Floreana, Isabela, Santiago, Sant a Cruz Island, Seymour, San Cristobal and Española. These islands are home to Sea Lions, abundant marine life, the white-tipped reef shark and much more. On some islands night diving is possible.