Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, it divided in a Greek-Cypriote- and Turkish. Both have a rich culture and great beaches and therefore Cyprus is a popular tourist destination. There are a range of astonishing archaeological sites, including ancient tombs, Neolithic houses, Roman mosaics, Venetian walls, Byzantine castles and churches, monasteries and mosques. Cyprus has around 50 divespots, ranging from rocky formations and walls to shipwrecks in clear waters.

After Cyprus sunk the “Zenobia” in 1980, one of the biggest wrecks in the Mediterranean, Cyprus became much more popular diving destination. The Ancient shipwreck, the Mazotos, and in the MS Zenobia are world-class divespots. Marine Life is pretty interesting with moray eels, amberjack, bream, grouper, barracuda, cardinal fish, seahorse, octopus, eagle ray, sea turtles, butterfly fish, shoals of damsel fish, soldier fish, rainbow wrasse, red mullet, parrot fish, scorpion fish, tuna and swordfish. There are also sightings of dolphins.

Places in Cyprus

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