Think about it: more than 17,500 large and small tropical islands fringed with white sandy beaches, many still uninhabited and a number even still unnamed, 20% of the world's coral reefs, over 3,000 different species of fish and 600 coral species; Indonesia is a top diving destination in the world. The country is very diverse with lots of culture, grand mountain views, green rain forests to trek through, rolling waves to surf and deep blue pristine seas to dive in where you can swim with dugongs, dolphins and large manta rays. Indonesia is a destination to remember and caters to most -if not all- items on your bucket list.

Due to its location and geology, Indonesia has a very diverse landscape, from fertile rice paddies on Java and Bali to tropical rain-forests in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The Nusatenggara islands have savannah grasslands and West-Papua even features snow-capped mountains. Wildlife is versatile including the prehistoric Komodo lizard, Orang Utans, Java rhinos, Sulawesi anoa dwarf buffalos, and rare-, exquisite birds such as the cockatoo and the bird of paradise.

When diving in Indonesia it is mostly a matter of choices and priorities. The most well-known islands are Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan (formerly Borneo), Sulawesi (formerly Celebes), the Maluku Islands (aka Moluccas; the original Spice Islands) and Papua, but there are also many unexplored islands.

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