"when Lonely Planet meets TripAdvisor"

The Diving Guide: another scuba diving website?

I hope you will recognize us as a different breed! TheDivingGuide.com is an online, free guidebook for diving destinations combined with review and search/filter tools. Whether you plan a diving trip or if you’re looking for a few nice dives on your family holiday, we should be able to help you decide where to go, what to see and where to get your gear or training. So it is a free-for-all platform that combines information of destinations, an extensive dive spot database and a Global Dive Center Directory, all supported by review systems and search filters to tailor them to your needs. The combination of these things makes it a unique platform.

How it started

The idea originated when I was planning for one of my dive trips to the Caribbean and later on in the Mediterranean. I got lost in the information overload of biased and commercial information on the web and looked for anything that looked like a mixture of a review site and a guidebook, but exactly tailored to my diving interests. When I didn’t find it I decided to start building this on my own for the diving community.
From idea generation until today’s results took over 2 years and massive effort and time. I am proud of this creation, but  decide for yourself if you like it as much as I do. Now that I´ve built the engine, I hope you and all other divers are willing to drive it. So please review and rate a dive spot and dive centers, share a blog and most of all: spread the word!

Interesting features

What you’ll find on this platform, including some unique features:
  • Dive Spots: rate them, review them, upload new ones, add pictures, etc. and create your personal wishlists
  • Search dive spots and dive center based on what you regard as important: locations, facilities, type of dive, depth, etc.this is a unique feature to help create your personal bucket list
  • Largest online Dive Center Directory, regardless their association (PADI, CMAS, SSI, etc.)

Why a (free) membership for full access?

Because I’ve learnt the hard way and got spammed so many times that there should be a bit effort in creating and reviewing stuff on the platform. In the near future the membership status can be enhanced so that everyone has personalized pages. It takes 1 minute to register, so it’s not that hard anyway.

Last but not least: new locations coming up

It takes loads of time to write and enrich content. The current selection of locations are based on a research but feel free to let us know what to upload next. If you would like to build that with us, even better! Drop me an email and give us your feedback.
We hope you enjoy TheDivingGuide.com.
For any suggestions and feedback please send your message to info@thedivingguide.com or use the form below.
Roger van der Spek

Founder of TheDivingGuide.com